Shastra Dialogue Series

Our Dialogues Series concerts, invite our audiences to experience the intersection points between Indian and Western classical music. Each concert includes the elements of Indian classical music, Western classical music, and an intersection point. We hope you’ll come to enjoy the music you know and love, and stay to experience something new. 


Shastra Dialogue series los angeles

A special evening for Shastra as we released our first album ‘Beyond’. The event featured live performances of the pieces featured on the album by Saili Oak and Salastina Music Society, curated by Reena Esmail.

Shastra Dialogue series san diego

The concert featured Soprano Adele Dominguez, Hindustani vocalist Saili Oak and Composer Reena Esmail at the Qualcomm Q Auditorium in San Diego.

Dislogue series delhi.jpg

Shastra Dialogue series new delhi

Reena Esmail and Saili Oak presented the Dialogue series concert at the American Embassy in New Delhi, India.